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While setting up a business, the delivery of products safely is as important as the product itself. A business should make sure that the packaging that is being used is effective in its purpose. Not only is it sturdy but also lightweight and if possible ecofriendly. Keeping in mind these considerations, we are left with limited packaging solutions for the packaging of our products.

Kraft paper is such a material that can serve this purpose. It is a reliable packaging material that can deliver products very easily and is also eco-friendly. Moreover, this packaging material also has other important characteristics. Let’s dwell into the properties and Kraft paper packaging advantages:

Kraft paper material

So you’re wondering what material is kraft and what does kraft mean in packaging? Kraft is a sturdy and wear and tear-resistant material. Manufactured in kraft pulp process it is a natural durable material. It is a reliable material and can be used for packaging of various products. It can be used in various boxes and can be colored in various color schemes to match the needs of your business. These custom kraft boxes can be a very valuable packaging asset to a business.

Benefits of Custom Kraft Boxes

The Benefits of custom kraft boxes highly outnumber their cost and manufacturing and due to this, it is quite popular. The different color schemes it allows allow it to be used in the packaging of various products.

Manufacturing of kraft material

Kraft is directly named after the process it is created. Manufactured and used in Germany for the first time, now is being used all over the world. You must be wondering what the difference between kraft and cardboard is. Firstly, it is sturdier than standard cardboard boxes.

It is manufactured in a kraft pulping process that involves the use of materials such as sulfur, paper, and wood fibers. By adding sulfur to the natural cellulose pulp of normal paper kraft paper is produced. This material is many folds sturdier than normal paper and its main competitor is cardboard.

The versatility offered due to its durability is tremendous. It can be used for various purposes such as normal wrapping paper as well as can be incorporated into boxes. These rigid kraft boxes are very popular and are used by all kinds of businesses for safe delivery.

Kraft box types

There are different types of kraft boxes used by businesses today to meet their everyday demands and needs. Apart from a few changes in production processes, these types are essentially the same and provide the same reliability. Some of these types are given below with their respective uses in the industry:

  1. Coated kraft paper: When kraft paper is bleached it gives birth to coated kraft paper. This type of kraft paper is white and can be painted upon or used for other purposes. It gives businesses the much-needed versatility to use this type of packaging in various product lines. It unlocks various design choices decided by brands that cannot be used on another type of packaging.
  2. Recycled kraft paper: This type of kraft material is made from recycling other materials such as paper, cardboard, and their products. The pulp in these materials is recycled and used to make kraft paper and hence it is an eco-friendly product. It can be used to make products such as boxes, bags, and similar products.
  3. Mix kraft paper: It is made from a mixture of normal and recycled kraft paper. It is as sturdy as normal kraft paper that is made from the pulp process but the raw materials are saved. It allows the kraft paper to be recycled and used over and over again without compromising on characteristics and quality. This type of kraft paper is mostly used in posting envelopes and similar packages.

Kraft paper packaging advantages

The benefits provided by kraft paper are enormous versus its impact on the environment and relative cost. By combining the right type of materials with kraft paper, it can be used very effectively. It can be made to deliver materials while protecting them from the elements of the environment.

By using simple plastic film on kraft paper boxes, they can be made waterproof and can be used reliably. This allows them to be used in regions with greater moisture and rain frequency.

The customization options provided by using kraft paper boxes are also numerous. They can be customized according to the dimensions of the products and can be used easily. The layers of kraft paper boxes can be increased or decreased to suit the level of protection or weight required. Similarly, it can be cut easily and boxes can be provided with various openings and holes to suit their demands.

Nowadays, kraft paper boxes are being used in many kinds of businesses in industries. Due to their protection from environmental elements, pharmaceutical companies are using them enormously. They protect the medicines that are prone to damage with little environmental fluctuations.

Similarly, the food industry is also showing a greater trend in this type of boxes. Due to their formation from natural materials, they are non-toxic and are preferred over other lightweight materials. Similarly, due to the level of protection they provide, electronics can also be housed and delivered in these boxes.

By protecting them from moisture, this material ensures that the electronics delivered within them are working perfectly by the time they are delivered. Cosmetics are also delivered in these boxes due to their above-mentioned advantages. The list goes on and on and that is why they are used as a main source of packaging for various industries all over the world.

Is kraft paper eco-friendly?

Due to its formation from natural materials such as cellulose, kraft paper is quite environmentally friendly. It is not wrong to say that it decomposes just like leaves but as it is also recyclable, it rarely ends up getting wasted.

What is Kraft paper in food packaging?

Kraft paper is a brown or white packaging material and is an environment-friendly and non-toxic material. It is made from natural materials and its look or feel can also greatly improve the look of food products. It is also recyclable and helps to decrease the environmental footprint.

With the growing global warming and its impact on our daily lives, businesses and customers are opting for products that are packaged in eco-friendly materials. Moreover, packaging recyclability has also become an important factor while using different materials.

Considering these growing concerns, it is important responsibility of every business to minimize their impact on the environment as much as possible. And kraft paper has emerged as a blessing for businesses to meet these demands. It has stood the test of time and is still being used throughout the world and its use is only going to increase in the future.

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